Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Out of the Pan, and into the Fire...

Two more days. Two more including this one. I will be sitting on a different chair, working on a different desk. Hopefully, doing something different. I don’t share random thoughts that often. I usually don’t feel the need to. Other people have much lovelier thoughts. Mine, they are no different than others.

But here I am writing this post. In two weeks, I’m gonna get a lot more grilling than I ever have before. Am I prepared to go into practice? I don’t know. But then there is never a perfect time. Nothing is perfect. And my time is overdue.
It’s already 2 years and 7 months since I first started working in Rockwills. Perhaps this should be a tribute to the time I spent there. The wonderful people I met. The not so wonderful people I have encountered. Have I learnt much? Perhaps, I have in many ways. Learn how to cope under pressure though I still crack at it sometimes. I learnt that my methods are ineffective, and for this, I need to evolve. Evolve is such a strong word. I’m no simple organism.

Perhaps learning would be a better word. I learnt that there should be no delay in work, I procrastinate for reasons which are not evil or bad, eg laziness, but that I sometimes tend to put other things before what I deem unimportant but ‘important’ to some. Damn. I learnt the hard way. Somehow I always learn things the hard way. That’s kinda stupid. Do not always learn things the hard way. You can ONLY learn so much the hard way.

I don’t know if my colleagues are going to read this. I love them in many ways. Ahahah. As my friend puts it I love them, but not in love with them. Ahh heck…they are nice people, many of them. Well, its not the people that bug me in office…it’s the job. Then again, how many of us actually love our jobs? That is as true as it can get.

So…after Thursday, no more will vetting, no more will drafting (at least in the interim) and no more arguing over the phone for things which sometimes…make no sense to me. Do I love confrontation? I don’t actually, because it drains the heck outta ya. But here is the thing, I’m starting to enjoy it. And I hope I do not go overboard on this. So maybe I would love litigation. Maybe I will be burned by it. Heck…..i don’t know. But I can’t wait to find out. Although its gonna take a toll on me. I just feel it. Out of the pan, and into the fire.  CHooi and Co...
I hope I don’t suck in this!

Well….if my Rockwills folk are reading this, I’m sorry that I gave you guys hell. I have had great moments in Rockwills, and you all meant a lot to me. Thanks for the great time and the great memories. I live around the corner, so unless Rockwills decide to pack and up and move somewhere else, I’m always near.So goodbyes will be spared for now....

Hahaha…if only people read this blog……

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Enter the Dark Knight

Disclaimer : - This post is definitely for the comic book enthusiast and to some extent, purist. If you are not, perhaps there are other posts and sites that you can read. But if you wish to continue, please do read on.

The Dark Knight:- It was only a matter of time that I would write a review on this movie, now very much acclaimed by almost everyone, whether a comic book fan like myself or any other moviegoer looking for a good entertaining movie.
The Consequence? After coming out from the cinema, my thoughts were on it. After coming home and before I slept, my thoughts were on it. The dialogue, the monologues, the thought provoking ideas and schemes. Yes, it was that magnetic.
Indeed it was superhero movie like no other. Think, watching Michael Mann’s Heat but with the characters strewn out from freaks and caped crusaders Think, watching the Infernal Affairs (which was a superior movie to the Academy Award The Departed) but with super heroes involve. And then there was Heath Ledger’s performance of a lifetime which, presumably, took a toll on his life.
The Batman’s comicbook tendencies, have now been fully transported into the silver screen. Even more so, is the psychological play of his sanity, and how deep he has to dig himself into his character as the Bat, to stop the foes which he have helped created. “I’ve seen now what I have become to stop men like him’ says Bruce Wayne. Every force has an equal and reactionary force and in this movie, this was explored. I have read a few of the many Batman novel epics, The Dark Knight Returns and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, and Killing Joke and let me tell you, those stories aren’t for the faint of heart. And perhaps this Christopher Nolan epic, like Batman Begins, could have really been an epic novel by itself. And so here is my review.

The Batman:- Never has the Batman been this intriguing and self conflicted with ideals of justice, morality and vigilantism. He keeps on fighting, but in his war against organized crime, the harder he deals, the harder it gets. After battling the immortal Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins, now he is up against the clown prince of crime, The Joker. The Joker, never fails to remind the Batman, that he is also a freak, like him. Knowing that he is also the outcast, because people still will not comprehend to the idea of a vigilante superhero, continues to become the outcast, which is best to protect the citizens he originally vowed to protect. And thus, Bruce Wayne has now become an alter-ego of this person called the Batman. The Joker keeps reminding, that Batman, human afterall will break and is waiting for that day to come. Bale never disappoints reprising his role as the forlorn anti-hero.

The Joker:- Perhaps, Heath Ledger’s best performance and a cryptic one at that. The
Joker, redefined in a new and horrifying way, cleary eclipsed even Jack Nicholson’s definite portrayal. Murderous, unpredictable, terrifying and a criminal mastermind are perhaps the best words to describe the murdering menace. While Ra’s Al-Ghul in Batman begins had the intention for a chaotic world, his was a cleansing of the corrupt, the destruction of all that is foul, something which needed to be done to pave way for a more civilized society. The Joker, on the other hand, just wants pure anarchy and to bring out the animal survival instinct deeply rooted in every man and woman. And thus, begins his wave of destruction to prove that civilization is a thin veil and fa├žade that hides the worst in all of us. I felt the chill when the Joker rode on the police car with his head sticking out of the window, embracing the moment when his chilling deed has been done. My hats off to Ledger, for the last and a very memorable and disturbing performance.

Harvey Dent is another complex character. Amoral at best, he relies on his coin to make decisions. Life altering decisions. And that’s what makes him another complex character. The Dark Knight portrayed Harvey as the white knight in Gotham. The anti-thesis of Batman’s Dark Knight persona. Upholding everything he believes in but alas, we all know (at least comic fans knew) that tragedy would struck and he would eventually become Two-Face. The character’s evil half is indeed scary and resembles a very badly burnt face. Gone is the Tommy Lee Jones rubbish in Batman Forever. Now here is a real character with a tragic fate and a twisted sense of justice thereafter. Such a sad and depressing event.

I would truly say that I enjoyed it every bit, as complex a crime drama as it is, there is no way to top it at the moment. It has brought the comic-book movie adaptation to new heights. Not since Spiderman 2 had such a movie about superheroes be as exciting as this. As the movie reviewer in the Star mentioned that this movie, stands together with another thought provoking movie and a personal favourite of mine which is V for Vendetta. If you liked that, you’re definitely going to love this. My friend, Yep mentioned, it didn’t look like super hero movie. It was too much into realism. Perhaps its time comic book movies grew up. My friend told me that after the movie, he saw a kid who was dazed. I pity the kid….hahahaa.

Ok now that it is off my chest, I feel a lot better.  However, movies like this are only going to get better and in this case, prepare yourself for another bout of realism, with another superb movie adaptation, titled the WATCHMEN which should be out next year. Till then, WHY SO SERIOUS?!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Debates....the thing you catch the fish with...

The debate. Anwar spoke about it. The government prepared for it. But really, after watching the debate, how much did Shabery Cheek prepare for the debate, besides quoting circulated e-mails which many of us got.

I quickly finished my fried lala, Hokkien mee and yee mee to catch this historical event. What I thought was that, Anwar was now in their turf. In the TV3 studio and we all know, or at least can deduce from the wolf howls and lewd whistles that the crowd was bias towards one side. Especially each time Shabery Cheek gave a ‘factual comment’. But Anwar stood his ground, cool and compose, and at least he blurted facts based on reports and not merely rhetoric comments. If this debate was held in Dataran Merdeka, trust me, it would have been a roaring pandemonium, that is, when each time Anwar delivers his statements. And of course we will have road blocks once again. My deepest regrets t those who made it late for the CLP examination on Monday 14/07/2008. It was indeed a cruel move to have the road blocks for the sake of our ‘national security’. Geeez….with each road block such as these, I feel so secure. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind roadblocks…if it was for a proper reason. But not this. 

Back to the debate, Shabery now, compared us to Venezuala, Iran etc. They may have the lowest price in oil, but they also have one of the highest inflation rates in the world. And he claims that Malaysia although may have high petrol prices, we have low inflation rates. LOW? On what basis did he made that claim? COME ON MAN! The fact that Teh O Ais is now RM1.30 already shows inflation by any lay man’s standard! I may not be an economics whizz, but I do know when petrol price increase, so does the cost for travelling. And if the cost for traveling increase, those who do supplies will increase the price for supplies to cover these costs. And thus begins a chain of inflated prices. Geez man, I don’t know jacknuts about macro economics or microeconomics, but that’s that! So…..once again, don’t compare for the wrong reasons!! We are comparing the price of petrol and the maintenance of it!! Thank goodness they didn’t compare us to Myanmar this time as before.

Personal attacks were made, to discredit Anwar. Ok. Not relevant to the debate. What was he thinking? Similar fact evidence? Of what? That Anwar opposed the leaders in every decade? I guess the worst thing for him to bring out would be the 1998 crisis. Especially when you are going against something who knows more about the economic situation first hand. Once again, its facts against opinion, and in debates, opinions without facts would be treated as…..mere opinions, baseless, space….air….whatever you choose to call it. Haha. Guess he forgot that this debate was about the oil hike. Not about Anwar. Haha…ok. To be fair, Anwar strayed a little, but perhaps that was on the defence and not the offence. Hey, its not everyday that he gets a chance to speak on live tv nowadays, so, of course ,make the most out of it! He even acknowledged that.

Our country claim to have saved billions on the reducing subsidies, but based on the questions (which is based on last years report on the 30 cent hike), only a few million was used on the improvement of the transportation. Now you may say that this money is channeled to other developments, but then again, people pay taxes! And this, my friends is merely the subsidy moneys, and we are not even talking about other moneys that the people pay to the government. Anyways, there was more of course and I shall perhaps watch the debate again, if it is on youtube to do a second assessment.

Sure it aint like the Obama vs Clinton debates, but hey….it’s a start to democracy. Kudos I would say to Malaysia for allowing this to happen. Anyway, hands down to Anwar, for being calm and composed. Surely he inherited the composure of Dr M once, being his protege, but did it in his own way. Well, tonight it was his night. Lets hope that there will be more of this, and that the arrest charge would once again be dropped due to lack of a case. As for the sodomy issue, did he do it or not, I have no idea. But I would give him the benefit of doubt for his innocence , as opposed to not guilty. Well, if I’m wrong later, you can all slap me and tell me “ I TOLD YOU SO!!” . As for Bung Mokhtar….will he ever learn………..