Friday, September 25, 2009

A Trip to the Endless

Back when I was younger and was collecting comics, I used to buy this magazine called Wizard. For those who collected comics and was a nerd like me, would definitely know. And in this Wizard mag, there is this section called the Casting Call, where they would do a casting call for upcoming movies, usually related to comics and would find the people, actors and actresses whom would fit perfectly into the roles of these comics characters. Yups, Spider-Man was one of em, and they had wanted to cast Wes Bentley (of American Beauty fame) to fit into the nerdy glasses of Peter Parker. Well, as we all know it didn’t happen but hey, they predicted it 6 years before it was made, and James Cameron was suppose to direct it as well. Anyway, they did this casting call for one of comicdoms greatest characters of all time, and I thought it was pretty apt, they people that they chose. Anyway, the Comic I’m referring to now is DC Vertigo’s Sandman. Hey, since they have executed V for Vendetta and Watchmen and Constantine (HellBlazer) pretty nicely, its only a matter of time before they did a Sandman movie eh? But so, what the heck, time flew by and I decided to do my own casting call and have chosen the few whom I would think fit the characters to a tee…..and the list goes like this………

He is what dreams are made of, good and bad. The Lord of the Dreaming and a sibling to the Endless. He is the Protagonist of the tale and an amoral one at that. So, the person whom would definitely fit him would be non other than Mr Weird himself, Johnny Depp. You see, Johnny Depp actually played him when he did this movie called Edward Scissorhands. He just didn’t know it. Now….what did I just tell ya.. 


Probably one of the Dreamings’ most fascinating characters, Death goes as silent as she comes. Looking very much like Goth Rock star, but having the grace of a kind character…sometimes. The older sister of Dream, she guides her brother in many ways and sometimes acts as his counsel and conscience. The last time Wizard had a casting call, they chose Winona Ryder. Yes, I’m going to put Winona Ryder in, but I was thinking of maybe Natalie Portman being another possible candidate.

Nat Portman (left) and Winona Ryder (right) respectively, and various pics of Death


Another fascinating character, the youngest sibling of the Endless. Sometimes aloof, but very often bordering psychosis. If you think having bipolar is bad, then Delirium has, I don’t know, multiple polars? Hahahaha. The old casting call casted Tori Amos (coincidentally, one of Neil Gaiman’s close friends and a fine musician), so yeah, I decided to go along. It was said that the character was based on Tori Amos. Quirky but true. But then in this modern age, perhaps Bryce Dallas Howard would be a good casting call to play Delerium with her red head good looks. She could even wear pink and green contact lenses to show the inconsistencies of Delirium.

Top to bottom - Delirium, Tori Amos, Bryce Dallas Howard

Desire is the third youngest sibling of the Endless. Desire is also the twin for Despair. It is neither female nor male, but possesses these two qualities and is most often portrayed as being androgynous. Easily the cruelest of the Endless, it portrays itself as the desire of all, always yearned but never owned. And hence, it is called Desire. Wizard casted KD Lang, the singer as Desire. I think KD Lang would be pretty old by now. It was pretty difficult to get someone who would look good as Desire, having agender qualities. Nevertheless, I have consulted a friend of mine, Kelly and she gave pretty good casting answers. And so, I would cast Hilary Swank or maybe even Natalie Portman again into this role. Heck if I were to find a guy, I think Tommy Page would look something like that…..errr…then again….maybe not. Hahaha..

Top to Bottom - Desire, Hilary Swank, Natalie Portman

The other twin half of Desire. It is said that, what desire cannot give, despair will soon follow. In her realm, it is nothing but despair and melancholy. Often portrayed as fat, squabbly and has grey pale skin and has at times plotted with Desire to bring down Dream. I couldn’t think of many people whom I would cast, but I thought I would give Kathy Bates an ode for her excellent performance in Misery. In fact I think local artiste Adibah Noor could even fit the bill. An excellent choice I would say and a challenging one 

Top to bottom - Despair, Kathy Bates, Adibah Noor ( i think they would really need to look more gloomier to play Despair)


Now this is one truly enigmatic character, as he looks like the grim reaper of sorts. He is a tall figure, with a robe and a cowl, which covers his eyes most of the time. He carries with him a book which contains past, present and future events. He is blind, but he sees everything. Oxymoronic? Not in Neil Gaiman’s world it aint! Wizard originally casted Sir Alec Guiness of the original Obi Wan Kenobi fame. But then he died. So, I chose Mr Ewan McGregor, who wears a cowl and a hood as well as Obi Wan, and another candidate would be Paul Bettany for looking a lot like him when he played Silas in the Da Vinci Code. Check them out.

Top to Bottom: - Paul Bettany, Ewan Mcgregor, Destiny

The last of the Endless. Destruction has left the Dreaming for no longer being able to cope with his true destructive nature. He is often portrayed as a journeyman, with long red hair and a musket. Two persons came to mind. The first would be Triple H. But then, Triple H cant, I presume act to save his life. So I would also opt for Gerard Butler, last seen all buffed up in 300. I know all you gals were swooning at him in that movie. Anyway, here it goes. All Gerard Butler needs to do now is grow a beard and long hair.

Top to bottom - Destruction, Triple H, Gerard Butler(he needs longer hair)

And so, the Endless is complete.

With that, I end my casting call, and until this movie is actually made, this shall be the list of the cast, well...least thats what i think they resemble....but if you know of any other better cast, do let me know. Until then, it is sleep time for me, and time for me to enter into the Dreaming.