Friday, September 25, 2009

A Trip to the Endless

Back when I was younger and was collecting comics, I used to buy this magazine called Wizard. For those who collected comics and was a nerd like me, would definitely know. And in this Wizard mag, there is this section called the Casting Call, where they would do a casting call for upcoming movies, usually related to comics and would find the people, actors and actresses whom would fit perfectly into the roles of these comics characters. Yups, Spider-Man was one of em, and they had wanted to cast Wes Bentley (of American Beauty fame) to fit into the nerdy glasses of Peter Parker. Well, as we all know it didn’t happen but hey, they predicted it 6 years before it was made, and James Cameron was suppose to direct it as well. Anyway, they did this casting call for one of comicdoms greatest characters of all time, and I thought it was pretty apt, they people that they chose. Anyway, the Comic I’m referring to now is DC Vertigo’s Sandman. Hey, since they have executed V for Vendetta and Watchmen and Constantine (HellBlazer) pretty nicely, its only a matter of time before they did a Sandman movie eh? But so, what the heck, time flew by and I decided to do my own casting call and have chosen the few whom I would think fit the characters to a tee…..and the list goes like this………

He is what dreams are made of, good and bad. The Lord of the Dreaming and a sibling to the Endless. He is the Protagonist of the tale and an amoral one at that. So, the person whom would definitely fit him would be non other than Mr Weird himself, Johnny Depp. You see, Johnny Depp actually played him when he did this movie called Edward Scissorhands. He just didn’t know it. Now….what did I just tell ya.. 


Probably one of the Dreamings’ most fascinating characters, Death goes as silent as she comes. Looking very much like Goth Rock star, but having the grace of a kind character…sometimes. The older sister of Dream, she guides her brother in many ways and sometimes acts as his counsel and conscience. The last time Wizard had a casting call, they chose Winona Ryder. Yes, I’m going to put Winona Ryder in, but I was thinking of maybe Natalie Portman being another possible candidate.

Nat Portman (left) and Winona Ryder (right) respectively, and various pics of Death


Another fascinating character, the youngest sibling of the Endless. Sometimes aloof, but very often bordering psychosis. If you think having bipolar is bad, then Delirium has, I don’t know, multiple polars? Hahahaha. The old casting call casted Tori Amos (coincidentally, one of Neil Gaiman’s close friends and a fine musician), so yeah, I decided to go along. It was said that the character was based on Tori Amos. Quirky but true. But then in this modern age, perhaps Bryce Dallas Howard would be a good casting call to play Delerium with her red head good looks. She could even wear pink and green contact lenses to show the inconsistencies of Delirium.

Top to bottom - Delirium, Tori Amos, Bryce Dallas Howard

Desire is the third youngest sibling of the Endless. Desire is also the twin for Despair. It is neither female nor male, but possesses these two qualities and is most often portrayed as being androgynous. Easily the cruelest of the Endless, it portrays itself as the desire of all, always yearned but never owned. And hence, it is called Desire. Wizard casted KD Lang, the singer as Desire. I think KD Lang would be pretty old by now. It was pretty difficult to get someone who would look good as Desire, having agender qualities. Nevertheless, I have consulted a friend of mine, Kelly and she gave pretty good casting answers. And so, I would cast Hilary Swank or maybe even Natalie Portman again into this role. Heck if I were to find a guy, I think Tommy Page would look something like that…..errr…then again….maybe not. Hahaha..

Top to Bottom - Desire, Hilary Swank, Natalie Portman

The other twin half of Desire. It is said that, what desire cannot give, despair will soon follow. In her realm, it is nothing but despair and melancholy. Often portrayed as fat, squabbly and has grey pale skin and has at times plotted with Desire to bring down Dream. I couldn’t think of many people whom I would cast, but I thought I would give Kathy Bates an ode for her excellent performance in Misery. In fact I think local artiste Adibah Noor could even fit the bill. An excellent choice I would say and a challenging one 

Top to bottom - Despair, Kathy Bates, Adibah Noor ( i think they would really need to look more gloomier to play Despair)


Now this is one truly enigmatic character, as he looks like the grim reaper of sorts. He is a tall figure, with a robe and a cowl, which covers his eyes most of the time. He carries with him a book which contains past, present and future events. He is blind, but he sees everything. Oxymoronic? Not in Neil Gaiman’s world it aint! Wizard originally casted Sir Alec Guiness of the original Obi Wan Kenobi fame. But then he died. So, I chose Mr Ewan McGregor, who wears a cowl and a hood as well as Obi Wan, and another candidate would be Paul Bettany for looking a lot like him when he played Silas in the Da Vinci Code. Check them out.

Top to Bottom: - Paul Bettany, Ewan Mcgregor, Destiny

The last of the Endless. Destruction has left the Dreaming for no longer being able to cope with his true destructive nature. He is often portrayed as a journeyman, with long red hair and a musket. Two persons came to mind. The first would be Triple H. But then, Triple H cant, I presume act to save his life. So I would also opt for Gerard Butler, last seen all buffed up in 300. I know all you gals were swooning at him in that movie. Anyway, here it goes. All Gerard Butler needs to do now is grow a beard and long hair.

Top to bottom - Destruction, Triple H, Gerard Butler(he needs longer hair)

And so, the Endless is complete.

With that, I end my casting call, and until this movie is actually made, this shall be the list of the cast, well...least thats what i think they resemble....but if you know of any other better cast, do let me know. Until then, it is sleep time for me, and time for me to enter into the Dreaming.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

1Malaysia? Happy Merdeka!

You know, the Merdeka celebrations are suppose to be a happy and a most joyous occasion, because we are celebrating the anniversary of the country’s independence right? Yups, rightly, it should be so. And with Najib’s 1Malaysia concept, it would be almost perfect to truly say that this country is a united nation with its diverse and multiracial community. But sadly, I’m not convinced of the 1Malaysia tagline. I hear it on the radio, I watch it on tv, 1Malaysia being propagated. I for one would like to believe in this 1Malaysia concept, and I truly and sincerely hope that this would come to past. Unfortunately, for now, I cannot reconcile this concept with the events that are happening in the nation.

In the advent of the latest Prime Minister’s helm, many things unfolded beginning with the unbelievable and truly scrupulous takeover of the Perak Government. The people of Perak were robbed of a legit and a government whom are actually implementing change for the state rather than just lip service like the governments before it. Yes, the Perak debacle cannot be reconciled with the 1Malaysia concept! Perak Crisis – 1 , 1Malaysia Concept- 0. Somehow, I have seem to lost faith for a justified conclusion for this crisis. I hope I am wrong, but even this time, I would hate to know that I am right. We can only wait for the Federal Court to hand the decision and my gut tells me, it’s not going to be a just one.

The next incident would be, hmm….oh yeah, the 1Black Malaysia incident. That would be the anti-thesis to the 1Malaysia concept, which was a show of frustration of the events that have happened in Perak. So…..1Malaysia once again? I don’t think so. Subsequent to that the arrest of the 5 lawyers and these arrests were absolutely baseless. An abuse of the Criminal Procedure Process I would say. And yet, I do not see 1Malaysia in this.

Then of course, we have witnessed the most famous ‘suicide’ this decade, the Teoh Beng Hock death saga. Death in the premises of the MACC building, foul play some might say. I do not know, but obviously my suspicions would be the fact that I’m already bias against the MACC. Anyway, I do hope the Inquest opens up more revelations for the nation to behold, and to let the people judge on what they see and whom should be accountable for all that has happened. 1Malaysia? Hahaa…surely I cannot be serious.

And wait, now the recent cow-head incident in Shah Alam. Do you really think the protestors are going to march singing the 1Malaysia song? So, with all this, where does the 1Malaysia concept come into play? Now, isn’t this somewhat going against the 1Malaysia concept? Where is the respect for one another as often claimed and bla bla bla? Some people say that there will be 'bloodshed'! What the heck? Since when have we fall back into the dark ages?! Somehow, I'm so much so inclined to think that this is another one of UMNO's ploys to the racial trump card once again.

But wait, there is hope yet. Remember the Anti ISA rally by the GMI? Now that is what I will say is truly 1Malaysia. The rakyat fighting for the cause of the abolishment of the ISA. That was something to behold, and although the police sprayed teargas, water cannons and laced gas, it did not break the spirit of the people to show the nation how the ISA has become a legislative abomination, draconic to say the least. Now that’s truly 1Malaysia…and yet, certain mainstream newspapers downplayed that issue, claiming it to be racially incited. Damn it! They just have to spoil everything, hahaa…now perhaps against these people, the ISA has its uses! I mean, the articles keep churning and churning and each article seems to me as being more and more seditious! But no!!! I still believe in the abolishment of the ISA and even against these people, it should not be used, so much so cause it is not justified. Oh, how tempting a tit for tat would have felt, but why stoop to that level? No, we shouldn’t as a united rakyat!

So to sum it all up, the 1Malaysia concept is a noble if not, at this point a very utopian concept. Only when people start to change and truly respect one another, then only should we start singing these songs and choruses. It has to be seen in action, and not just lip service. You know, I believe that as things unfold, the people will gain an understanding and maturity against the work of several parties, who often play the racial card to gain votes and trust of the people. The people will realize that these people pay more lip service than thoughts in action. And perhaps in the next election, we will see an even bigger tsunami than the one we witnessed last March. I hope that day comes, when our thoughts, beliefs and goals truly transcend above all racial and ethnic minded purposes. Then, I will say proudly that we are truly 1Malaysia. But at this point, I cannot do so because it all seems so hollow.

But nevertheless, it is cause worth fighting for, I know it is cause that many would fight alongside as well. And I believe that these are the people who will put it into action and nore merely words which contradict their actions. So, because of that hope, there is still something to achieve. That would be my message to all Malaysian whom I love and know and care.

Put whatever you say into action and make it happen. Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians, in Malaysia and abroad! Please enjoy the parades and the fireworks and remember that there is much to be done before we are truly 1Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ridiculous Arrests.....and some soul searching

Think about this; you go and make a report at the police station. You bring a few friends, oh well, say maybe 4 of them, just to give you the extra courage when you file your report. When you get there, suddenly, you are handcuffed, for no apparent reason other than the fact that you wanted to make a report in the first place! Of course this scenario is far fetched, but then, no amount of fiction would deny that a similar scenario happened in the Brickfields police station recently.

19 people were arrested for attending a candlelight vigil for Wong Chin Huat. They were arrested. Fine. In this country, this sort of things are not uncommon. Why is it uncommon? That would perhaps be the discussion for another article. In the hour of need, 5 fearless lawyers from the Legal Aid Centre, Fadiah Nadwa, Puspawati Rosman, Murnie Hidayah, Syuhanie Safuan and Ravinder Singh rushed to the aid of the people who were arrested. As is entrenched in our constitution, vide Article 5(3) of the Federal Constitution, any person so arrested shall be informed on his grounds of arrest and shall consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his (or her) choice. And that's why the 5 came to the rescue.

However, not only were they not allowed to see their clients, after pleading with the police, they were arrested by the police, on what grounds, only the police would know, but they would never tell. The 5 were subsequently released the next day, after much protest from the lawyers in the KL Courts. However, the damage has already been done.

To many and myself, the arrests of the 5 and the 19 was utterly ridiculous. Why the treatment? What are they so afraid of and whose orders were they following? I mean come on, if you wanna do something, at least do it nicely. Otherwise, don't do it at all! It seems to me that the arrest was a stop-gap measure of sorts. It serves as a warning to not 'illegally assemble'. But was this necessary? As a soon to be practicing lawyer, I knew I had to do my part in attending the BAR EGM. It's not surprising when the motions to bring legal action against the police for unlawful detention and IGP and the calling for the resignation of the Home Minister were agreed unanimously. This was simply unbecoming of the police.

The IGP then replied and to ask the BAR to do some soul searching and to question the acts of the 5 lawyers. Various parties have condemned the BAR because of this. People like Syed Ali, Abu Zahar and even Musa Hassan has claimed that the BAR should be a political party if it wants to act this way. Honestly, do they even know what they claim? They talk of lawyers not being professional. Please ler, the 5 lawyers were very much professional, when they have decided to aid the people who were detained without fear. Now thats being professional. I mean, seriously, what could they have thought, that when the BAR passed the motion for the AGM , they were siding with the pihak pembangkang? I suppose anyone in that position, BN or PR or whatever, Alien from outer space maybe, who needed legal aid, would be given aid when it is called for. Once again, baseless claims. Man, do they just come out with wild ideas out of thin air? And what's with the Syed Ali claim that the BAR consists mainly of Indians? What does that have to do with anything?!!! Seriously, if the BAR were to do 100 days of soul searching, I suppose they would still come out with the same conclusion.

So herein is another article, on the ridiculous ramblings made by Malaysians who sometimes need to do more soul searching themselves. Well, to be fair, I had the chance to meet some really nice police people in court and in balai and they are a helpful lot. I really appreciate people like them to give their best to serve the people. Its just that there are some who tend to make the whole force look bad, and unfortunately and sometimes unfairly, it has become a blanket for the rest of the police folk.

Anyway, there will be more revelations to come, beginning this Thursday when the Respondents appeal (on the MB v MB case) is finally heard. I doubt there will be any closure as of yet, but I hope there is one within the horizon. Whether it is justified or not, would be an entire different issue.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2-1....Not a Bad Score

No...I'm not referring to any football match although a friend of mine did point out to me that, that should have been the score for the Manchester Utd v Aston Villa match..Bah! Hahhaa..Yes Macheda!

Nope, this score reflects something which I would deem far greater than any football match. This score reflects the spirit of the Rakyat, the faith they have in an alternative Government, and one that is basically sick of the ineffectiveness and blatant hypocrisy of the current Government.

Yes, the Rakyat 2 , and BN 1. Of course, in an ideal world, one would hope that the score would be 3-0. But then again, in an ideal world, the BN Government would be a more caring and much loved one as well. But anyway, PAS retained the Bukit Gantang spot and PKR, the Bukit Selambau spot. BN unfortunately retained the Batang Ai seat.

Once again the spin doctors couldn't conjure any miracle with news of turmoil and violence of the supporters amongst PKR. Nor did the banning of Harakah and Suara Keadilan made any difference. They keep forgetting that more and more people are internet savvy these days. So, NST, The Star and the mainstream papers, its really beyond me if YOU can conjure up sugarcoated news of BN's victory in the papers tomorrow for the whole nation to see.

The victory was not an easy one, as was reported that Nizar Jamaluddin had even sacrificed his time to help the Flood victims in Kampung Simpang Holt in Changkat jering and ditched his campaign as can be read here:-

Hey, if you wanna talk, then you gotta walk right? and thats what he did precisely......Cheers to that! Its been a hectic month for many in the Perak saga. And small victories were achieved and thus, hopefully it will lead to the biggest one in the times to come. Today, the rakyat has once again voiced out for justice and Justice, can never be silent for too long.

And as for the 13 people released from the ISA, as much as it is a happy note for the families, but yet there are hundreds or thousands even in Kem Kamunting. I do not know the statistics but there are more who are as innocent as the 13 and yet not released. We all know that it is a ploy from the PM to satisfy the nation temporarily. But are we truly satisfied? AS long as this Act is in its place, the difference is but a small one. But yes, I am happy for the 13 who were released and most notably Ganabatirao and Kenghadaran of Hindraf. But what about Uthayakumar? What about Manoharan? What is their guilt?

Once again, these are trying times, and with Najib as the new Premier, it would perhaps be a tougher one. But if we believe in good governance and what it takes for good governance to prevail, then i believe it shall one day. Good night for now.
My soft bed beckons me.. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dark Clouds over a Silver State

We have finally seen what happens to fragile alliances. Each calculated move, so important, one wrong move could upset the delicate balance in which the alliance holds. In our case, we have 3 moves. Thanks to Jamaluddin, Mohd Osman and Hee Yit Fong...a standing ovation to them for selling their souls away. :) I'm harsh i would say, but i love my state. And I'm always proud of it despite the political mess.

However, I'm deeply saddened by the events that transpired today. I know many of my comrades, young and old from Ipoh, feels the same sentiment. And to know that many others, who are not from Ipoh or Perak, feel the same way, is like a silver lining on an extremely dark cloud.

Why was Nizar asked to give up the MB seat? Under what circumstances?! It's not a no-vote of confidence situation. Why didn't the Monarch call for a dissolution? He had the power to do so, but yet refrain from using it when it mattered most? What power does the EC have in establishing the authenticity of the undated resignation letters?! It's for the court to give a declaration of its validity! The EC is only administrative but it seems they too exercise judicial discretion. If the Assemblymen were forced to sign the resignation letters in the first place, why the heck did they signed it? The fact that signed it would have proved consent in the first place. They couldn't have the best of both worlds, signing the letters knowing full sure that of its contents and its implications and then retrospectively saying that they were forced to do so! Estoppel should be in play in these situations.

After the high I felt in the Kuala Terengganu elections, suddenly this really seems like an all time low. What the rakyat has been fighting for, for years, have now been undermined in less than a day. What else is in store for us come March? I don't know...but i have a feeling dark clouds would be circling around democracy in Malaysia once more. This is just the beginning. Anyway, i will not give up hope for a better Malaysia, and I feel neither should you. Yes we have been cheated today. We may never know the answers to the questions posed, as above. We may have our suspicions and theories. But I hope that when the time has arrived to do the right thing, then the RIGHT THING shall be done.

Today, many people did not heed to do the RIGHT THING and the consequences are dire.
We have seen how shameless people can become. And I hope that neither you nor I will be those people.

It is a sad day....but lets not give up hope...for in times like these, hope is rare and its all we will have. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Taking of Kuala Terengganu

Another Major win for the Pakatan Rakyat. Such a needed boost in a year set for gloom and doom amidst the economic depression. I wasn’t there to see it, but was anticipating a result that would be favourable to the Rakyat. It could have gone either way, but looking at the pre-election pictures in Malaysia Today coming up to the elections, it proved that the mainstream’s bullshit news about ‘cracks’ in the Pakatan Rakyat wasn’t about to dampen the spirits of the people. The mainstream newspapers carried news of the PR coalition failing on the issues the implementation of Hudud law, still hoping that people are ignorant enough to believe in news as old as moldy and stale bread. Once again, the bloggers prevail in telling the truth about actual events that are really happening. Shame on the mainstream newspapers really, for trying to get away with half truths. The Hudud law therefore was merely an election tool to show the ‘erosion’ in the 3-way dynamics between PAS, DAP and PKR. Looks like it backfired for the coalition looks stronger than ever and the Hudud law issue was really a non-issue. Talk about hitting below the belt.

The usual suspects were at Kuala Terengganu. RPK, Haris Ibrahim and the entourage of bloggers were there to support the Pakatan Rakyat’s endeavour to break BN’s stronghold on Terengganu and in Kuala Terengganu no less. Zaid Ibrahim, the BN maverick and dark horse was also there, but this time, on the right side of the fence. And if an ex-de facto law minister switches sides in times like these, then you know something is very wrong with the current state our country is in. But all that aside, PAS won by a majority result of 2,616. A fairly close call I would say. This was reported at about 9pm. This might change in the morning but at the close of the vote count, KT was already Pakatan Rakyat territory. Wonderful. Fabulous. Good news on top of the really last minute goal from Berbatov against Megson’s Bolton. Yes, besides Manchester United taking top spot, Pakatan Rakyat has succeeded in adding Kuala Terengganu as another feather in its cap. That’s absolutely wonderful news for me. Congratulations to Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut on the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat and the dynamic and committed entourage behind Pakatan Rakyat’s quest for a better Malaysia.

Why am I writing this? Cause as I’m really overjoyed that the results are something that I am banking on. And the people in Terengganu have stepped up to the plate. They deserve special mention too. So now, what about the other states? Are they still in their comfort zones? This year may be another year of change, and with a new PM in the horizons, yes, great change is about to come. Many won’t be able to stay in their comfort zones for long. The issue is, will the right person rise to claim the top spot as the PM and bring about for better change? I’m hoping for that and I know many others are hoping for that too. Right now, I’m celebrating in front of the PC reading news and feeds from Malaysia Today and the other bloggers, and even as I’m writing, it looks like the BN cybertroopers are already making the moves to interrupt good news. It only means one thing…they finally acknowledge the powers of blogging and independent media.