Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's a great day in Manchester...

1994 - "Au revoir Cantona and Man Utd. Come back when you've won 18" - A banner made by the Scousers, stamping their authority on the Premier League.

May 2012 - after the a tight league title chase, where points were dropped by the contenders. And up till the time when Man Utd took the lead, points were still dropped and the race was wide open on several counts.
However, today, 15 April 2011 - Manchester United have finally surpassed Liverpool's 18 first division / premier league trophies.

Manchester United gets their 19th and now is truly the best English team ever.

And for all this, it is this man, who has left a legacy in the red half of Manchester. Sir Alex Ferguson.

You can take away anything from this man, but you can never take away the legacy he has build over almost 3 decades.
And over these decades, he has reversed the fortunes of a once great club and transformed them into a greater club. The great gaffer that he is, the sly old fox, his brand of discipline is perhaps what is most revered to by the players. Just ask Jaap Stam, Roy Keane and even David Beckham and they will tell you all about it :)
Well, there is so much to write about this man, but today, we shall just note that he is now, one of the greatest managers in the portals of football history.
And what a lasting mark that will be for Manchester United and football as a whole.

And today, with the youthful likes of Javier Hernandez, Fabio, Raphael, Darren Gibson, Antonio Valencia, Nani to name a few, we can perhaps rest and be assured that with the soon to be expected departure of the old guard (Giggs and Scholes), the team will labour on to win more and more titles and play better football (and we do hope that they play more exciting football in the coming seasons and not just dour football to scrape for points, although that should be the main thing innit? haha.

As for me, I will still revel, in my opinion, the best team ever for Manchester United (1998/1999)and also remember the magical genius of Cantona. And one day perhaps, when this world ends, can I truly say which Manchester United team, from the day I first watched them play, is truly the greatest, as more and more exciting youngsters move up the ranks.

Well, for every Beckham that departs, there will be a Christiano Ronaldo. And for every departing Christiano Ronaldo, there will always be a Chicarito. And the list goes on and on and on...

But today, lets just revel in joy the 19 titles that marks United's dominance now in the English League.

"You can't win anything with kids" - Alan Hansen, 1995. How far from truth those statements ring, in this age of football. Somewhere, Alan Hansen must have had a hearty meal, eating back his words.

Oh, yes. It's a great day in Manchester also because Manchester City have finally ended their trophyless days after 35 years. Well done to them. Though I know I should have more animosity towards them, haha. But alas, they laboured and they won it, with their multi million dollar squad. Well, I would be happier if Stoke won though. That would have said so much more....:)

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