Sunday, May 1, 2011

TF3- Please let it be bearable!

After watching the trailer, I know I should be excited.
Afterall I am a big fan of Transformers. Well, at least the original cartoon anyway.
But seriously after watching this trailer, somehow...I fear that it's going to be another Independence Day or, I don't know...Battle for Los Angeles? I didnt watch the last one actually. But what the heck, I just put it in for good measure.

Anyway, after suffering nightmares from watching the last Transformers 2 movie, my expectations were pretty much low for Transformers 3. I loved the first Transformers. Not so much the story but because the CGI was terrific! Blew my mind.

Tranformers 2...not so. The storyline was messy. It didn't make sense. Why is the Fallen the main bad guy when he's more a pansy? And how come some of the Robots are like ninja's that get kill in those 80's ninja movies, kill fodder!? Transformers with testicles?! WTH? And the dynamics between Megatron and Starscream were missing. The humourous banter and insults between them. And the need for human actors in a film about robots!? I mean what the hell is that about?
Seriously, I had more fun reading the Topless Robot review on TF2 and got more laughs and entertainment from it!
Oh and they did a GI Joe review too and shred it into pieces! hahaha.

Well, after being all hyped up with the Sucker Punch trailer and being very much disappointed by it, and believe me, of all my friends who criticized the movie, I was kind enough to say its watchable. Oh hell.. ahhaa

Anyway, after watching TF2, I had to rummage my DVD collection to re-watch the Transformers the Movie (animated) once again to try to remind myself that I'm still a fan and Transformers are still great! It's just that some people's rendition of it may be different. And did I mention awful?! Damn you Michael Bay!! hahaha

OK. Nuff said. I don't have much expectations for TF3, so it will be easier on me I suppose. Well, if you do find youself hating, you can always remind yourself of the great animated series. :) After all, there was more drama there and when Optimus Prime died in the animated movie, it was more realistic and I was quite traumatised!
Not so in TF2. He didn't die heroically enough to resurrect much later in the said movie.
Anyway, the link is here if your need to erase any nightmares. I knew I did for TF2. Hope TF3 treats me kinder! Ahahaha

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