Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christian Music in the 90's - Part 2

We continue with the series of Christian Music in the 90's

We start of with:-

Genre - Alternative Rock
Skillet were back then:-
John Cooper - bass, vocals
Trey McClurkin - drums
Ken Steorts - guitar, guitar synth

I didn't really bought the first album, but I remembering borrowing it from someone, Colin I think. Bought the second album titled Hey Man I Love Your Soul. Their music was more industrial then. There were band line up changes and music changes in the 2000 onwards. But this was from the 90's. Alternative.

Skillet - Gasoline from their album Skillet

PFR - Pray For Rain

Genre- Alternative rock
PFR stood for PRAY FOR RAIN.
PFR were:-
Joel Hanson - guitars, vocals
Patrick Andrew - bass
Mark Nash - drums

I think their music was akin REM. Or any other similar sounding bands. Very much alternative rock. If the drummer's surname is familiar, that's cause he was Leigh Bingham's (of Sixpence None the Richer) former husband. Wasn't really into their genre, but hey, it brings back memories.

PFR - Pour Me Out from their album Them

Sixpence None the Richer
Genre - pop rock, dream pop

Sixpence None the Richer were in essence these two:-
Leigh Bingham - vocals
Matt Slocum - guitar
The rest are not mainstays..I think..ahaha

Anyway, I really enjoyed their brand of alternative music. Really nice and in the 90's very much in the vein of dream pop acts like the Sundays. Uncanny similarities in music, but what set them apart were the vocals. Leigh's vocals were distinctive and so where Harriet Wheeler's (of the Sunday's fame, in which I will do a post of them in the near future). Even when they went mainstream, I still enjoyed their music and they hit it big with their monster single "Kiss Me". But for now, these was a sample of their earlier stuff.

Sixpence None the Richer - Thought Menagerie and Maybe Tomorrow from their Album This Beautiful Mess

EDL stands for Every Day Life
Genre - Rapcore
Very Cypress Hill sounding.
Didn't bother naming the EDL personnel. Too many
First song I heard from them was 90's warfare. Blew me away. Couldn't find it on Youtube. Damn.
Anyway, this song is from American Standard. Hard to get good music like this nowadays

EDL - Transcend from their album American Standard

Precious Death
Genre - heavy metal
Can't get enough information on the band. But from my friend Gideon's list and upon listening to them on Youtube, yes, definitely something memorable.

Precious Death- Something About the Weather

Genre - Metal

Kevin Young - bass, vocals
Tim Barett - drums
Brad Noah - guitars

Awesome metal. Bought their later stuff. Not as good as in the 90's. Very much rapcore then. Solid and steady riffs.

Disciple - Big Bad Wolf from their album This Might Sting a Little

Alright. It's sleepy time. Time to get back to reality and work beckons me in the morning. Trials coming up. Need all the energy for concentration as much as I can get. :)
Part 3, coming soon...

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