Sunday, May 8, 2011

19...and counting....:)

"And the magical realm of Footielandia, good triumph over evil when the valiant knights from Mancunia defeated the evil blue Chelsean Stamfordia Bridgia trolls and have perhaps successfully reclaimed the BPL treasure from the evil clutches of the Blue trolls. Over in the land of Manchester Mancunia, rainbows filled the normally grey sky. Twas a good day indeed.....a good day...:)"

Venue: Kayu Nasi Kandar SS2, Chow Yang. (thats a freaking mouthful)

Guilty parties: Joe Han, Kah Weng, Wil Liam, Eddy, Lian Sim, Daren, Kin Fai, Khee Fatt, Colin, Desmond and I.

It was billed to be the game of the Season. The title decider. And yes, it was the title decider. If United lose, Chelsea leads on goal difference. If United win, then the title is virtually theirs, and theirs only to lose thereafter. If both teams draw, it will go down the wire until the final game. But it didn't as United, played perhaps one of their best first half games ever.
To be honest, there weren't many chances. But the strikes wherever and whenever available, were crucial. Great passes from Giggs and a killer pass from Ji Sung, set up the first goal which was clinically finished by Hernandez, the Chicarito...:) Within 38 seconds of kick off, Hernandez already sent the crowd in Kayu Nasi Kandar at ChowYang shouting and celebrating as if it was Independence Day all over again!

Much later, Chicarito misses a wonderful cross and tries to coax the referee for a corner that it was off a Chelsea player. That didn't work.
Rooney takes another shot later but misses it wide.
And as Giggs, at the 32 minute puts in a cross, an unmarked Vidic, floats into the box, and still unamrked, until Ashley Cole realizes that Vidic has crept into the box as the ball flies across, and Vidic heads it to give the Mancunians 2 goals up!

Chelsea replied in the second half through a Frank Lampard scored one back for the Blues. the final minutes were intense as Chelsea, dominating the second half fired in shot after shot. If not for the heroics of Van Der Sar, Chelsea would have probably equalised...and more. But if it wasnt for Hernandez's missed chances, United too would have be up by quite a few goals themselves. And Alex made a wonderful save off Rooneys goal bound shot.

In the end, the Reds held on to triumph over the evil blues. I guess it was a blue day for Chelsea, as Malouda and Kalou were duds in offence. Only Blue player worthy of any mention in the offensive bit was Drogba. And Alex too in defence. Can't say the same for Torres who has still continued to play dud football in Chelsea. Well, I still wouldn't mind his services at United if he one day decides to come :) nayahahah
And yes, Carrick did made a cameo appearance after 88 minutes of football absentia...and I thought he was doing a shadow dance in the pitch all along!

Perhaps, the surprise of the night was Arsenal losing 3-1 to Stoke. Probably the players feared Shawcross more than as expected. Oh well.......

So, all is well in Footielandia as the Red Mancunians triumphed over the Blues of Chelseania. As Chow Yuen Fatt's Mark Kor once said in A Better Tomorrow, I will reclaim mine which was lost!!
Something like that......

Anyway, now....United are the only enemies dont slip up...anymore..:)

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