Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Christian Music in the 90's - Part 1

My post is going to be a very biased one.
But like the comments or things that I say in this Blog, it is my view and perhaps mine alone. Actually I couldn't care less what you all think! AHAHA! Suckers!

Anyway, I truly thought the 90's was a good time for Christian music. Of course, the genre that I impose my thoughts on would be hard music, and not the contemporary kind. After all, contemporary music is timeless, i.e. praise and worship songs, and stuff by Avalon or Michael W. Smith or even Point of Grace. I still listen to their stuff. Nope, not talking about Delirious or Hillsongs even.

It's all about hardrocking, metal-induced goodness and lip smacking alternative junk that was in Heaven's Metal or some other Christian metal magazine.

We begin with P.O.D.- Payable On Death.
Genre - Rap metal
Every Knee was the first ever song I have heard from them through a Christian Metal compilation CD. They were hardcore and aggressive and that's perhaps the point that I liked them in the first place. P.O.D was Sonny on vocals, Marcus on guitar, Traa on bass and Wuv on drums. The line-up may have changed along the years but so has their direction in music, being more mainstream and less hardcore. But this was early P.O.D. stuff

P.O.D. - Every Knee
- From their album Snuff the Punk. No MTV, just pure music and adrenaline.

Tourniquet - genre - trash metal/ Hard rock
Line-up (at that time):-
Ted Kilpatrick - Drums
Luke Easter - Vocals
Gary Lenaire - Guitar
Victor Macias - Bass
They have gone through line up changes over the years. Playing traah metal and then switching to heavy metal and then subsequently back to their trash metal roots.
Vanishing Lessons - from their album Vanshing Lessons

The Guns and Roses of the christian music circle.
Genre - hard rock/heavy metal
Line up (at that moment) :-
Dale Thompson - vocals
Troy Thompson - guitars
Jerry Mcbroom - drums
Rik Foley - bass
Awesome riffs, and even more awesome vocals.

Bride - Scarecrow Messiah - from the album Scarecrow Messiah

Just listened to their new stuff - Tsar Bomba, and boy, they never changed. I liked them then, I still like them now! :)

genre - punk rock
Roughly same era as Green Day. However, their music was more punk rooted and less pop. Edgier I would say. They consider themselves a band of Christians and not a Christian band....oh well...:)
Line up:-
Mike Hererra - lead vocals, bass
Yuri Ruley - drums
Andy Husted - Guitar

MXPX - Punk Rawk Show - from their album Teenage Politics

The Crucified
Genre - trash metal
Line up:-
Mark Salomon - vocals
Greg Minier - guitars
Jeff Bellew - Bass
Jim Chaffin - drums
The first time I have ever heard double pedal (in this regard double bass I reckon) on any song. I was instantly hooked to the lightning riffs and lightning speed drumming. It was insane. And the original cover depicting humanity's decay, was absolutely wicked. Hard hitting lyrics, no holds barred! Not for the faint hearted.

The Crucified
- Mindbender from their album Pillars of Humanity

The Prayer Chain
Genre - Alternative metal
Line up:-
Tim Taber - vocals
Andrew Prickett - guitars
Eric Campuzano - bass
Wayne Everett - drums

The Prayer Chain - Crawl- from their album Shawl
Best intro ever. :) And very special song.

Easily one of my favourites. Sound of Seattle. When grunge music was at it's peak. Although compared to Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, it was still one of the best grunge bands ever from Seattle. Heavy, grungy, just how I like it. Creed who?!!!
Grammatrain - Believe from their album Lonely House

Joe Christmas
Genre - Indie, Emo-pop
Not much information about them but here is a link

Joe Christmas - Coupleskate

Right now. That's all for tonight. Whole day at work and witness statements to draft.
Now you may wonder, what about DC talk, Audio Adrenaline and Jars of Clay? Well then, wait for Part 2...coming soon


Gideon Lee said...

This is the compilation you were referring to.

Title: Heaven's Metal Hard Music Compilation Vol. 1
Year: 1994

Track List (Click for Lyrics):
01 BRIDE - I'm Alive
02 PRECIOUS DEATH - Talk About The Weather
03 SCAPEGOAT - Wake Me
04 E.D.L. - 90's Warfare
05 P.O.D. - Every Knee
06 THE BLAMED - Walkabout
07 KERYGMA CHILD - Stripped
08 MIKE LEE - True Love
09 FOURTH ESTATE - Reflections
10 LATTER REIGN - Desire
11 WICKEDS END - Kingdom Come
12 SLAMCAT - Why Can't I

Mr V said...

I didn't get the chance to listen to some of the songs in the CD la..i think i returned it too soon to you.

Some of the songs that I remember are actually from the compilation that you made for me. Until now, its one of the best compilation albums ever. :) haha 100% joy!

Anyway, I added your blog to my links!

Gideon Lee said...

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately most of these songs cannot be found on YouTube. They are too rare. But I think there some good songs like precious death and kerygma child.

Don't remember the compilation I made for you, but it must have been great! 90's christian metal usually are!