Saturday, April 30, 2011

IN or OUT?

Happy Labour's Day, though, I don't really understand why Labour Day should be celebrated when it reminds us that we are after all labourers and not our on bosses!Haha. At least not yet :)
But it's still a cause to celebrate for my family cause it's my dad's birthday! So, year in year out, I still do celebrate this day, though not for conventional reasons.

Anyway, I happened to read an FB message my friend posted up about the Chinese, not being represented in the near future if we do not repent and vote for MCA. After catching up on some news reading, that's what our beloved PM told the Chinese. So there ya have it. Vote MCA or No voice. It's as good as saying Vote for BN or DIE!:)

Wow. MCA as the voice of the Chinese. Nice.Not really. I believe the voice of the Chinese was needed back then when Tun Tan Cheng Lock founded the MCA. Back then Malaysian unity was still an idea, and the dominant in Malaya, needed a representation to voice out their grievances.
54 years on, apparently we still need a representation for a Chinese voice. It's incredible really.
If one where to look at the slogan "1Malaysia" it should mean that Malaysia, diverse in races and culture as it seems, should have 1Voice be it Malay, Chinese or Indian (the order of races was typed at random and in no way shows any superiority of one against another).
In this new era of politics and governance, shouldn't we have already dispensed the idea of race based parties?
Perkasa has also warned that MCA and Gerakan toe the BN party line. I mean, WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (Pardon the pun, but I do admit that I loved that show when it was shown on TV ages back!)
oh, yeah, so whose line does MCA need to toe anyway? And what line is that? I mean I would think that UMNO are calling the shots in most things anyway, so what does MCA need to do to toe the line? Anyway, that's really a small issue cause I don't really care what MCA is going to do. If they toe or don't, it doesn't matter.
As far as I've known about politics and stuff, I never really regarded MCA as the voice of the Chinese. Don't get me wrong. There are many people in MCA who are doing a hell of a job, be it charity work or even tireless tasks, and here is where I acknowledge the people whom I really respect in MCA (i.e. Michael Chong). But MCA as a whole, unfortunately does not work well for me. Perhaps even if Ong Tee Keat was still the MCA President, I would have considered. But he stood his ground, something not many MCA presidents can, and he was subsequently trampled. Unfortunately.

I think we don't really need another UMNO or MCA or MIC to play the racial card. To warn the respective races to elect their own, in order to have a voice in the government.
By now, we should have dispensed with race based parties. And here's where I had initial faith in PKR. A party where of multiple races and even DAP to a certain extent.I wouldn't put PAS in the same category as it's still very much mono ethnic at this point. For fairly obvious reasons. But i will still vote for PAS given a choice between them and BN. Even with all the negative press Pakatan Rakyat is getting, I would still give them the benefit of a doubt and continue to strive with them.

But that aside, my point is, we don't need another party to stand up and say that they will be a party for one race and to voice out the race's grievances. We don't need a 1Malay, 1Chinese and 1Indian administration because the very ideological core of these parties is still the interest of one particular race. And here's where I don't agree with BN anymore. Sure they started off as something that Malaya needed at that time, but we are no longer Malaya, as we are now MALAYSIA.

With messages, like the ones that our PM puts across recently, smacks of hypocrisy (and I am guilty of hypocrisy sometimes,I admit)towards Malaysian unity. Seperti menconteng arang di muka 1Malaysia!! If that is so, then 1Malaysia merely proves that is nothing more than another hollow slogan spoken off to appease the public and nothing more. Well, never really agreed to the slogan anyway as it never meant anything to me.

So, back to the question of MCA being in or out? It doesn't matter anymore. And frankly, I wouldn't want them to voice my opinions. I would have better candidates that I would like to put in governance given the chance.

By the way, I watched Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa last night. Thought it was quite ok. Not as bad as I thought and the CG was impressive although not all the time.
The storyline is pretty simple though the performances of Steven Rahman Hughes tries to rip off a little of Captain Jack Sparrow. Trying to pull of the 'pirate with a wit' I reckon. And a Roman prince who knows kung fu does seem far fetched.
But overall, it's perhaps a glimmer of hope that Malaysia can produce good movies and I read that it's the highest grossing movie of all time in Malaysia.
It does make me proud :). KRU productions are ambitious and I believe they have the capabilities to produce movies of international standards.
And by the way, the Princess, who is actually Chinese Brit, is pretty hot. Nuff said :)

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