Monday, April 18, 2011

Small Ripples

After an intense day of voting at Sarawak, it is pretty sad to see that BN still retains 2/3 of the majority. Taib Mahmud is still sworn in as the CM of Sarawak. Guess for all the news that change is 'imminent', it was not apparent on April 16 2011.
But change will come (or at least I still hope) as the elections showed that there is improvement in the oppositions chances.

Now, 15 seats out of 71 seats contested may not seem like much, but it's a major improvement in a state such as Sarawak where it was termed as BN's "fixed deposit", or perhaps, what it used to be. It's interesting to note that Taib himself lost 25% of the majority he used to enjoy as compared to 2006. And the fact that the urban areas of Sarawak are more receiving of the opposition brings somewhat an unprecendented joy to a once dull opposition. PKR did not fare well, with only 3 seats but DAP managed to win 12 out of the 15 it had contested in. Positive news. :)

This would perhaps be a mini referendum to the current government that they should never rest on their laurels and that the call for improvement (in leadership, governance and administration) is one call that never rests.
So, although Taib Mahmud retains Sarawak, it is only a matter of time before that 'imminent change' will actually happen. And I am counting on it. :)

And I also leave here a clip I happened to chance upon on my friend's FB page. A clip showing Elizabeth Wong's PA getting arrested (without any warrant and neither was any grounds of arrest delivered to him when he asked of his arrest). If I can remember my Criminal Procedure Code correctly, unless he is suspected of some sort of dangerous crime, then the police may exercise their 'discretion' to make that arrest.
Well, let's put it this way, it's election season and this people are campaigning. How hardcore can a crime be under these circumstances unless it's some underworld election ala the movie Election? Well, still trying to find out the reason for the arrest as I write this post. Hope I can find it soon. Or maybe tomorrow. But I leave this video here, for your viewing and for your discretion and judgment.
Thank you for free media like youtube. Shameful as it may be to our country for this to be shown, but it is a necessary one.

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