Friday, April 15, 2011

Date of destiny - Sarawak's D-Day

16 of April 2011 is a day of destiny for Sarawak.
It's been decades since the Taib Mahmud took over the reigns as Sarawak's Chief Minister.
Reports leading up to the elections have been interesting.More so as more and more corruption accusations are cropping against the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Not all the reports are local, but of international standards. Sarawak Reports is one of them> and the articles therein are some i have had the opportunity to read.
There's always more than meets the eye with the politicians in Malaysia.

The Al-kitab issue has indeed left a bad taste. And once again, gutter politics is resorted to assassinate one's political career. No guesses that it's Anwar's credibility once again that lays on the line. And as RPK comes clean with his Statutory Declaration, giving more insights (i hope), all these things seem to be falling into place.
Malaysiakini, i heard was hacked and as I continue blogging, i read from Malaysian Insider that Radio Free Sarawak is not available and so is Sarawak Report.I mean of course these sites are hacked. Why not? these are deemed dangerous and controversial, at least at this hour. OK. Malaysia kini is still down as I type.

I read that the longhouses in rural Sarawak will also be giving satellite television facilities. Only after elections mind you. Haha..Suddenly subsidies and grants are pouring out. And as usual, one would ask, where were these subsidies all the while? Or has the government actually gone soft all of a sudden, and decided that the rural people of Sarawak need to be on their toes pertaining to information? Whatever it is, we all know one thing for sure and that is propaganda, like it or not :)

However amidst the circus leading up to April 16, the bigger picture and the main focus is ...what will the people choose? Not so whom, but what? Whether they want change or to maintain as status quo and complain about it for the next 5 years or so? :)
The devil they know all these while? If they choose the devil they know, then the devil they shall live with rite? it only make sense. I mean thats the most sensible equation.
So, why not opt for change instead? Although you may be voting for the devil you may not know...but its a chance. That change might happen! rather than voting for the current CM, and knowing that there is no chance for change and more and more riches from Sarawak are siphoned for personal gain.

Anyway, tomorrow is Sarawak's date of destiny. I hope the people of Sarawak will choose wisely. We have been praying for change, and we hope to see it come to past.

People of Sarawak, the choice is in your hands, and change is perhaps imminent, as a Sarawakian friend of mine told me :)
I'm not Sarawakian, but i truly hope that change is imminent! Make a change!

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