Saturday, August 29, 2009

1Malaysia? Happy Merdeka!

You know, the Merdeka celebrations are suppose to be a happy and a most joyous occasion, because we are celebrating the anniversary of the country’s independence right? Yups, rightly, it should be so. And with Najib’s 1Malaysia concept, it would be almost perfect to truly say that this country is a united nation with its diverse and multiracial community. But sadly, I’m not convinced of the 1Malaysia tagline. I hear it on the radio, I watch it on tv, 1Malaysia being propagated. I for one would like to believe in this 1Malaysia concept, and I truly and sincerely hope that this would come to past. Unfortunately, for now, I cannot reconcile this concept with the events that are happening in the nation.

In the advent of the latest Prime Minister’s helm, many things unfolded beginning with the unbelievable and truly scrupulous takeover of the Perak Government. The people of Perak were robbed of a legit and a government whom are actually implementing change for the state rather than just lip service like the governments before it. Yes, the Perak debacle cannot be reconciled with the 1Malaysia concept! Perak Crisis – 1 , 1Malaysia Concept- 0. Somehow, I have seem to lost faith for a justified conclusion for this crisis. I hope I am wrong, but even this time, I would hate to know that I am right. We can only wait for the Federal Court to hand the decision and my gut tells me, it’s not going to be a just one.

The next incident would be, hmm….oh yeah, the 1Black Malaysia incident. That would be the anti-thesis to the 1Malaysia concept, which was a show of frustration of the events that have happened in Perak. So…..1Malaysia once again? I don’t think so. Subsequent to that the arrest of the 5 lawyers and these arrests were absolutely baseless. An abuse of the Criminal Procedure Process I would say. And yet, I do not see 1Malaysia in this.

Then of course, we have witnessed the most famous ‘suicide’ this decade, the Teoh Beng Hock death saga. Death in the premises of the MACC building, foul play some might say. I do not know, but obviously my suspicions would be the fact that I’m already bias against the MACC. Anyway, I do hope the Inquest opens up more revelations for the nation to behold, and to let the people judge on what they see and whom should be accountable for all that has happened. 1Malaysia? Hahaa…surely I cannot be serious.

And wait, now the recent cow-head incident in Shah Alam. Do you really think the protestors are going to march singing the 1Malaysia song? So, with all this, where does the 1Malaysia concept come into play? Now, isn’t this somewhat going against the 1Malaysia concept? Where is the respect for one another as often claimed and bla bla bla? Some people say that there will be 'bloodshed'! What the heck? Since when have we fall back into the dark ages?! Somehow, I'm so much so inclined to think that this is another one of UMNO's ploys to the racial trump card once again.

But wait, there is hope yet. Remember the Anti ISA rally by the GMI? Now that is what I will say is truly 1Malaysia. The rakyat fighting for the cause of the abolishment of the ISA. That was something to behold, and although the police sprayed teargas, water cannons and laced gas, it did not break the spirit of the people to show the nation how the ISA has become a legislative abomination, draconic to say the least. Now that’s truly 1Malaysia…and yet, certain mainstream newspapers downplayed that issue, claiming it to be racially incited. Damn it! They just have to spoil everything, hahaa…now perhaps against these people, the ISA has its uses! I mean, the articles keep churning and churning and each article seems to me as being more and more seditious! But no!!! I still believe in the abolishment of the ISA and even against these people, it should not be used, so much so cause it is not justified. Oh, how tempting a tit for tat would have felt, but why stoop to that level? No, we shouldn’t as a united rakyat!

So to sum it all up, the 1Malaysia concept is a noble if not, at this point a very utopian concept. Only when people start to change and truly respect one another, then only should we start singing these songs and choruses. It has to be seen in action, and not just lip service. You know, I believe that as things unfold, the people will gain an understanding and maturity against the work of several parties, who often play the racial card to gain votes and trust of the people. The people will realize that these people pay more lip service than thoughts in action. And perhaps in the next election, we will see an even bigger tsunami than the one we witnessed last March. I hope that day comes, when our thoughts, beliefs and goals truly transcend above all racial and ethnic minded purposes. Then, I will say proudly that we are truly 1Malaysia. But at this point, I cannot do so because it all seems so hollow.

But nevertheless, it is cause worth fighting for, I know it is cause that many would fight alongside as well. And I believe that these are the people who will put it into action and nore merely words which contradict their actions. So, because of that hope, there is still something to achieve. That would be my message to all Malaysian whom I love and know and care.

Put whatever you say into action and make it happen. Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians, in Malaysia and abroad! Please enjoy the parades and the fireworks and remember that there is much to be done before we are truly 1Malaysia.

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Gideon Lee said...

Because most of my opinion are entirely Christian-based, my only good advice for you is as the saying goes, Trust in the Lord with all your heart. As you study human history every injustice has been accounted for and even if you look at the last 100 years of what mean people like the Nazis did to the Jews and others, God has always in his time bring his righteous judgements to pass. We have a God who cannot fail and will judge the wicked and reward the righteous. My brother, there is hope! Even in your vertigous world! In as sense I am very glad that I have moved to Australia 10 years ago before I got old enough experience and witness the injustice that goes on in my mother country but I thank God that everywhere on earth him that feareth God and worketh righteousness will be accepted of God and he will never let the righteous be put to shame. Surely there is hope for us all and every conflict that you find within your own heart and mind is only a means to show you how good, true and just this God is. He takes care of every problem in the world in every country and we can trust in Him. God bless.