Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2-1....Not a Bad Score

No...I'm not referring to any football match although a friend of mine did point out to me that, that should have been the score for the Manchester Utd v Aston Villa match..Bah! Hahhaa..Yes Macheda!

Nope, this score reflects something which I would deem far greater than any football match. This score reflects the spirit of the Rakyat, the faith they have in an alternative Government, and one that is basically sick of the ineffectiveness and blatant hypocrisy of the current Government.

Yes, the Rakyat 2 , and BN 1. Of course, in an ideal world, one would hope that the score would be 3-0. But then again, in an ideal world, the BN Government would be a more caring and much loved one as well. But anyway, PAS retained the Bukit Gantang spot and PKR, the Bukit Selambau spot. BN unfortunately retained the Batang Ai seat.

Once again the spin doctors couldn't conjure any miracle with news of turmoil and violence of the supporters amongst PKR. Nor did the banning of Harakah and Suara Keadilan made any difference. They keep forgetting that more and more people are internet savvy these days. So, NST, The Star and the mainstream papers, its really beyond me if YOU can conjure up sugarcoated news of BN's victory in the papers tomorrow for the whole nation to see.

The victory was not an easy one, as was reported that Nizar Jamaluddin had even sacrificed his time to help the Flood victims in Kampung Simpang Holt in Changkat jering and ditched his campaign as can be read here:-


Hey, if you wanna talk, then you gotta walk right? and thats what he did precisely......Cheers to that! Its been a hectic month for many in the Perak saga. And small victories were achieved and thus, hopefully it will lead to the biggest one in the times to come. Today, the rakyat has once again voiced out for justice and Justice, can never be silent for too long.

And as for the 13 people released from the ISA, as much as it is a happy note for the families, but yet there are hundreds or thousands even in Kem Kamunting. I do not know the statistics but there are more who are as innocent as the 13 and yet not released. We all know that it is a ploy from the PM to satisfy the nation temporarily. But are we truly satisfied? AS long as this Act is in its place, the difference is but a small one. But yes, I am happy for the 13 who were released and most notably Ganabatirao and Kenghadaran of Hindraf. But what about Uthayakumar? What about Manoharan? What is their guilt?

Once again, these are trying times, and with Najib as the new Premier, it would perhaps be a tougher one. But if we believe in good governance and what it takes for good governance to prevail, then i believe it shall one day. Good night for now.
My soft bed beckons me.. :)

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