Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Gothic Romance

This was something that I wrote back in 2005 . It was pasted in the now-nearly defunct Friendster operated blog. Yes, its been awhile, but this is one of the ways in which I remind myself of what I wrote. I enjoyed writting it, and I hope those of you out there who read it, would feel something similar. I was quite obsessed with everything gothic, well...almost everything, perhaps even now. Well, this was inspired by a video called Helena by My Chemical Romance............Well, what better way to start a blog than to give an ode to meself...Here goes...

A Gothic Romance

She looks beautiful and fine, like the ethereal moonlight,

Her pale skin glows, Her black hair dark as night

Alas she lays , no one by her side,

in a handcrafted casket , where she abides.

Body in a lifeless motion , Dead as seen,

And I sit there wondering , what might have been.

if only i have done more, more than I could,

would i be spared of this misery and guilt?

The sickness that inflicted her, that tore her apart

took away too my soul, along with my heart,

the choir sings, the crowd resounds,

a sad and beautiful song, one seems heavenbound,

and as our heads are bowed, our lips in prayer,

our eyes closed shut, none a whisper,

But there she ascends, from the coffin she wakes,

she dances along the aisle, each minute step she takes,

In her long black dress she dances, making lovely spins,

like a gothic ballet, so beautiful and serene,

She danced and danced, her black dress flows,

And as she reaches me, coming to a close,

Reaching out to me from where i stand,

her forehead on mine, my hand in her hands.

She whispers into my ear, notes of gratitude,

As tears flowed from her eyes, fears of solitude,

Forgive me i said, I wish i'd done more,

I'd give u a better life, i'd given you my all,

It's ok she says, you know i'll be fine,

I'm here to thank you for all the wonderful times,

She lifts my head up as she kisses my face,

one last hug, one last sorrowful embrace,

and as we parted and say our last goodbyes,

she dances through the aisle, tears in her eyes,

she danced and danced till i lost sight of her,

and i opened up my eyes, it all seemed a blur.

i look onto the crowd, their heads bowed in prayer,

Was it my imagination, at that point i wondered.

I touched my left cheek, where i'd been kissed,

the mark of black lipstick which was upon her lips.

the evidence of things, somewhat profound,

it's not a figment of my imagination, but something sound.

She was there to see me off, I cry once again,

feeling guilt inside, but she told me I'm not blamed,

My thoughts recollected, I knew she was right,

goodbye my dear Helena, So long and goodnight.


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hmmm....thats mighty encouraging...sei jai...

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