Friday, January 28, 2011

YUNA - "DECORATE" - my money was well spent

I glanced at the CD at 7-11 while trying to get change for parking. Autopay machines do not receive RM50 notes. DAMN. Anyway i glanced at 3 cd's, Yuna's Decorate, Seven Collar T Shirt and the 3rd i couldn't recall. And I took the Seven Collar T Shirt cd from the CD holder, but nah...wasn't too impressed with their first album which i bought almost 10 years ago. And then i picked up Yuna's cd...familiar...but cigar.
The next day, at a guitar store, i saw Yuna's poster at a guitar store, an ambassador for Godin guitars. And Colin told me that she is really good. Wow. A local artiste as a guitar ambassador, interesting. I mean it's been a while since Tempered Mental came up with another cd, perhaps it was time to check out another one. And then we were discussing how she sounds like over Skype the next day.
That night, I browsed her music on youtube.
Safe to say, i bought her album the next day without much thought and it was RM27 well spent :)
haha....Forgive my ignorance for I only found out about her achievements much later on. By then, i was already hooked to her music.
And driving to the Court of Appeal with the album looping over and over further enhanced my interest.
Listening to Rocket while driving on the empty, clean and beautiful streets of Putrajaya made me felt like i was driving on a lazy Sunday. It wasn't a lazy Sunday but it felt like it. :)
She really has a nice voice, reminscent sometimes of Bjork, sometimes Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer and Ellie Goulding, maybe a little bit of Zee Avi put together. And sometimes, so raw but yet poignant.
Her music also sounds simple, but yet, the harmonies and tones are rich so that adds boost in her songs. And her songwriting, though mostly about love and relationships, is also quite credible and yet touches the soul.
Well, its a good thing for Malaysia that we have talents who can make it and deserve to make it. Till her next album, it is much awaited.
Anyway, here are some of the favourite Songs from the album and one from her EP. I will be looking for it soon at the music store. Hope I can find it. Meanwhile, enjoy Yuna :)

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