Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNY- Over the years

Going back for CNY is always something I look forward to. Having to relax, chill and unwind in Ipoh and work is usually the furthest thing on my mind. With the exception of 2009 however, when driving back to KL for work on Chor 3 was nothing but depressing. Haha..i'm fortunate enough then that I got to spend almost 10 days in Ipoh without having to be bothered by work :)
Its the meals with families, and also friends which make the sleepy town of Ipoh bustling! Well, looking back over the years, me and my mates still continue the tradition of the gang gathering, be it lunch or dinner, rain or shine, good food or bad food, Menglembu East Ocean of Public Pusing. No matter, we were always organizing these lunches/dinners. Well at least that still remain in Ipoh do it :)
But the fact is, looking back at the old photo archives, we tend not to ignore the fact that so much has changed over the years, but yet, in some ways, nothing has changed.
Seems like a contradicting statement, oxymoronic even, but think about it, and you will know what I mean.
I remember how Thomas commented that I usually take photos of the group, and he was asking me to post them on Facebook. He stated that it was quite a good thing, archiving our CNY capers together. I thought it was a compliment. And I suppose, that I can do it, then why not? I mean, I'm not using any DSLR or high tech camera, but over the years, just the common Olympus digicam, which does not churn out the best results, but churns the results nevertheless.
And sometimes, taking these long walks down memory lane brings a smile to my face.
So, to the gatherings of the past and to more in the future:)

Here's a small photo archive of the gatherings over the years. Many things change...but some things don't :)

CNY 2004

CNY 2005

CNY 2006

CNY 2007

CNY 2008

CNY 2009

CNY 2010

CNY 2011 - new additions to the gatherings :)the pretty ladies

shikes...been wearing the same polo tee since last year...:)


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