Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 - Ready to roll?

If anything, Bersih 2.0 is now the headlines of almost every independent newspaper, including the ones that so often demonize these events, The Star and Utusan Malaysia.

The people are angry and willing to march. The Government is scared and is trying everything to further instill that fear amongst the people.

These are the scare tactics employed by the Government

25 June 2011
- Members of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) were arrested on the pretext of reviving 'communism. Just read today, reports of the ill treatment of the detainees in custody by the police. And yet, as I blog about this, more and more reports emerge.

27 June 2011
- Read from the news that a bunch of Motor cycle riding Umno Youth members had made threats at the PKR office at Merchant Square at night, after their leader Khairy Jamaluddin had received death threats for intending to march on 9 July 2011 as well. Also read that these motor cycle riding dudes, were mostly rempits. Now, I wouldn't wannna judge them for who they are, but if they can attempt to do wheelies in front of the PKR offices, perhaps they were just born entertainers. Of course, how they connected the dots and started blaming PKR for the death threats is another marvel whatsoever. Well, Umno Youth undoubtedly defended the actions of these jokers and yet, no arrests were made. Marvelous.

28 June 2011
- Perkasa's chief, the loudest of the lot, Ibrahim Ali called the Bar Council a bastard council. Being a part of the Malaysian Bar technically makes me a bastard as well. Oh well, if being called an Inglorious Basterd it is, I guess it ain't so much a bad thing :)

29 June 2011
- It looks like things are heating up towards 9 July 2011. More arrests were made. The BERSIH secretariat was targeted by the police and arrests were made.

- Silat circus sideshows vowing to defend the country from the Bersih onslaught. Now tell me, isn't this a vow of an act of violence? So, now we allow vigilante justice? Is that it? And, irresponsible statements like these go unpunished. It's simply awesome, in a m ridiculous way. But my in my humble opinion, these sideshows will not be able to deploy even 100 people i reckon, let alone appear on 9 July 2011. For the English version of the report, click here

- After confiscating the yellow Bersih T-shirts from the Bersih secretariat's office, the IGP vows to arrests those with seditious articles / items which may in any way be connected to Bersih. This would probably include my friend's yellow Hyundai Getz, bananas, nangkas, The Malaysian Football Jersey, the Perak FA jersey, the fat ass Digi Man, Digi promoters, Digi Billboards, the Yellow Ribbon round the Old oak tree, Coldplay Cd's (first one cause of the hit single Yellow), Yellow Flavine and the Zon Bersih sign.
Yes, it would not be wise to wear yellow underwear too at this point of time. DAMN, they might as well confiscate and arrest the sun for being yellow!!

- Fake Bersih flyers were distributed in Wangsa Maju, hoping to create / incite the agenda of toppling the government. Well, alternative measures are now used to counter the Bersih March and these is very much a wicked thing and sly thing to do.

Judging from today's incidents more things will happen until 9 July 2011. And after that, the heat will continue.

However, the march should still go on, and for me, it's a satisfaction everytime I log into Facebook and Twitter to find many of my friends supporting the cause (by adopting the Bersih insignia onto their profile pictures). This is an act of support but we also hope that these numbers will actually turn up on the streets on that very day. So, why do we march? It may be political for some, it may be personal. But for many and myself, it's for these few but yet potent reasons:-

1. We want clean elections. Bersih in Malay means Clean. And we want an election which is free from boundary gerrymandering, further transparency in the voting system, including indellible ink and an SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya - Election Commission) which is free from bias (though this is by far the most impossible thing.

2. We are unsatisfied with how the country is run. Taxpayers money are spent without any proper accounting for.

3. We are sick of the double standards which are practiced everyday. It's not a racial issue but rather it's a political and party / position based issue. A good example is how arrests have been made against people who have uttered none a seditious remark but yet, those barking statements of blood spilling and 'be careful' are not given the proper arrest treatment.

4. We want better administration, even if it means better checks and balances. Where the government is no longer arrogant towards its people. It does not matter if the leader is Malay, Chinese, Indian, Muslim, Christian, Hindu. We just want people who are accountable and responsible and who loves the country and not just pay lip service.

5. We want better enforcement. Not police whom arrests are made without warrants and protocols are broken for the sake of serving executive directives. In this regard, the ISA (Internal Security Act) should be abolished once and for all.

6. And most importantly, for solidarity amongst the people in Malaysia. I have personally seen solidarity amongst the people in Malaysia in the first BERSIH. What a beautiful sight it was. And I hope the people of Malaysia will stand united for this on 9 July 2011. It can be achievable.

Anyway, for some light moments, here's a video for noobs who will be attempting their first rally. I know it's not my first, nor second, nor third and hopefully not my last :)

Truly funny. And Joe Han told me he knew one the actors in it.

So what now? I think for me it's pretty much obvious. March, Rally and hope/pray for change :) I know I will, for my hope for a better Malaysia is still very much alive.

And I leave you with a quote from V for Vendetta

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh... Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof."

Oh yes, And congratulations to the Malaysian Football Team for whooping Taiwanese Arses 2-1 at Bukit Jalil Stadium today. good news indeed.

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