Friday, February 1, 2013


It has been 2 weeks now since Mary last heard from her mother.
Mary last saw Martha, at the airport, waving a goodbye.

She understood that her mother was leaving to somewhere, only she did not know where.
Her mother told her that she will return in a week. A promise made. Never kept.
Mary hung on to that promise but never lost hope in it.

Father told Mary that Mother had extended her stay, because she was enjoying herself over there.

Father however knew better. Christopher had been following the news ever since the plane crashed. Hoping against hope that the news reports were not true, it was rather unfortunate that Martha’s return trip would be her last. As time wore on, whatever glimmer of hope left before, was now completely gone.  

How was he to tell Mary of the truth? She was only 6. She would never comprehend the situation. The truth was beyond her and was too overwhelming, or so he had thought.

And t’was two weeks since Mary last saw her mother. And that night after two weeks, Mary awoke from her slumber and saw her mother, in front of her. She rubbed her eyes, half asleep and smiled at her mother.

“You’re late Mama…” she whispered softly. “I have been waiting. I miss you Mama…” she continued.

“I know baby. I know. I miss you too…” Martha replied.

“Daddy said you wanted to stay there a little longer. He said you were happy there...” Mary said with tears flowing in her eyes.

“I’m happy to be here now, baby. I’m happy to see you.” Martha smiled.

“Mama, why are you floating?” Mary asked.

“We all float over here baby. Everybody floats.”

And Mary hugged her mother tightly. Letting her emotions pour out. Not letting go of her mother. And Martha embraced her tightly too. Perhaps for one final time. 

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