Friday, August 15, 2008

All that Jazz.....(Part 1)

Another night out. Actually two nights. This is for the first. Yup folks the Annual Mont Kiara Jazz Festival is back. The usual suspects are back as well, and then there are the others. This time however, it only spanned for two weeks compared to the usual four. The reason? Duno. Recession maybe. The fuel price hike maybe. They couldn’t get more bands maybe. Or they just simply wanted to do it for one reason. Because they can :)

Ok cut to the chase. Me and buddies were there one band only actually. The Funk Mob band headed by John Thomas drummer extraodinaire. In fact we even got a shot of him, me and Colin. It was great. Well, we got some groupie to do it, and she said that she would charge us for RM50 for one photo each. Haha. We obliged and told her that we would send her an installment or two. Below is the pic that we took.
From L to R – me, John Thomas, Colin, John Thomas’ latte

Well, after taking the picture, we went back to our tables to enjoy the mouthwatering music which was to befall our ears. Sure enough when the John’s drumbeats came in, me and Colin left out seats once again and started taking pictures. Hey , surely sitting on our arses alone aint gonna do the trick. We took lots of photos and even got close to John when he was performing his para-diddles and tricks. That man can really make an average drummer felt like he had learnt nothing his whole life!! He had a great line up too. Wan on the guitar, and a whizz at that he is too! Fly on bass….yeap…Fly not Flea for u Red Hot Chill Pep fans out there. But he is a master on the bass on his own right! And then there was the keyboardist, can remember his name though but he is pretty awesome as well. Below are the pics.

Then Elvira, the famous lead singer came on up. Colin and I had an absolute shock! That was the groupie who took our pics with John! Oh ignorant are we! We laughed to ourselves at the side of the stage and she saw us laughing too. She smiled at us and I Bet she was already wanting to tell us….bloody….dun u know who I am! Hahahahah. But it was good all the same. Elvira rocked the house, or rather jazzed the house with her vocals! Absolutely brilliant! Powerful and it complemented her band as well.
Below, Elvira in action.

And then we had the Lim Kit Siang band. Why Lim Kit Siang? Cause the bassist had an uncanny resemblance to LKS and it wasn’t my opinion alone but several others including my pal Alvin Cheah. And we didn’t caught the name of the band. Hahah. It was ok. But the bassist was too loud in his own department and sounded muffled, which in a live set isn’t a good thing actually. Oh well, they did managed to entertain the crowd as well.

The other highlight came later. The very awesome and acoustic Mia Palencia. We have heard of her reviews of her music. When she performed, the reviews did her justice indeed. She had a very wholesome voice and she was playing a lot of light but hippity hoppity numbers and she got the crowd dancing, in front of the stage.

We didn’t dance though. We’d rather enjoy the music like music academics and music intellectuals. Furthermore if we were dancing, it would be much difficult to kutuk them now :)
When the night ended, suffice to say, it left us rather satisfied. So that’s good :)The following week, next…stay tuned.

Oh..before we left, we sneaked in for a photo with Wan the guitarist of Funk Mob. Good stuff...good stuff...

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