Friday, August 1, 2008

Life Lessons on Punctuality

Two days before the end of my tenure at Rockwills. We had our bi-monthly Legal Department meeting.

We were going through the minutes of the last meeting prepared by Lynn. At the last meeting the issue of punctuality was addressed. “We should always come to meetings and come to work on time” and that was what was addressed the last time round. My boss goes through the minutes and then speaketh:-

Mr Lim:- “Hmm…Ok, we also discussed about punctuality in our last meet”
He turns to me. And then he turns to my other colleagues.

Mr Lim:- “Ok. We shouldn’t worry about this. As of tomorrow, this problem will be solved. The person who is giving us this problem will be leaving us very soon”.

He looks at me and smirks . My other colleagues looked at me as well, and then the department bursts out into laughter. I was laughing my arse of as well.

Mr Lim:- "Daniel…..I Can See You from the window, eating your roti canai every morning after 9.00am ok!" And then he smiles.

Me:- “I know Mr Lim. Thanks. Sorry. Hahahhahhaaha.”
And then we continued laughing.

People, please be punctual for any event whatsoever. Don’t play play with punctuality! Hahaha…I hope I won’t too in the future.


sp lim said...

You better put the Malaysian flag back to its original position. Otherwise you'll be joining Kickdefella.

Before that can you give me back my candles so that if you ever go in I'll hold a vigil for you.

Still drinking teh tarik and eating roti canai at 9.00am?

Your ex-boss

Vertigo_X said...

hahahaha...yeah man...Mr Lim, times are bad....! now have to punch in cause got punch clock...if late....then the time is inked in red..hahaa...sigh...

ur candles are still is still new...havent really used em yet...heard you went for the rally? and i read that it was a great event...

haha..when is the next time the candles shall be utilized?