Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday Morning Visits

I dread going to the dentist.
I have been there many times, and still that dread doesn't get any lighter. But of course sometimes we do what we need to do, and today, i needed a filling.
Heck, in my previous visits, i have never opted for any painkiller jabs, so this is just one of those days.

I walked up to the counter and presented my name, telling the lady at the counter that i have earlier made an appointment.
She couldn't find my card. I apologized for i forgot that i have actually registered as Daniel. No wonder they couldn't find my card, since it seemed like any other random chinese bloke name.

I went in to see the Doc. I told her that I may have chipped off a filling. She checked and confirmed that there was a growing cavity instead and I asked me if i wanted to do the filling. Yes...of course, i obliged. She started drilling and it hit my nerve. I winced. Then she asked me if i needed an anesthetic jab.
Reminiscing my past experiences with my filling sessions, i said...its ok..i can take the pain. Then she drilled somemore...I winced in 'slight' pain.

And then i asked her:- "you're almost done rite?"
She coolly stated :- " "i have just's gonna be worse when it hits the decaying part"

OK. Screw it i thought. Bring me the jab! Suffice to say, the filling was done in no time and painlessly. In Fact, my mouth still feels numb as i type. hahaha..Damn....

The lesson of this post:- Sometimes, when the pain is too much, Don't pretend to be Hero or Macho. Nanti susah....

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