Friday, March 5, 2010

WCW live in Malaysia

The points laid out by Zaid Ibrahim in the Malaysian Insider link could not have been any clearer. The government isn't and was never going to accept a strong opposition. He pointed out that the US government flourished due to the battle of policies between the parties, which in the end, created better and improved policies. In short, good governance.

We do not have good governance. Everyday, in the newspapers, people are hopping more than ever. The Perak fiasco has clearly proven it is the people who suffer most from party hopping. I have voted for the legitimate state government, the PR state government, and even that has been robbed away from me.

I suppose, the party hopping encouraged by Dato' Seri Anwar has clearly backfired badly. And these days, PKR members hop like crazy. But it's a good thing in the long run. The bad need to go before the good comes in eh? Therefore PKR shouldnt be disheartened by it all.

As evidenced, perhaps we should be reminded that the current Federal Government has clearly put intentions of building the nation aside. Rather the agenda or policy before the next General Elections is to wrestle back the 2/3 majority. This is blatantly evident....everyday!!

So where does that leaves us? half baked policies for the Rakyat?? But whatever it is, i know who i will be voting for in the next General Election. Without a doubt.
So perhaps people, these few years before the next GM, be prepared for a reign of darkness before the morning arises. We are still at dawn at this point.

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