Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

With all the hype surrounding KONY 2012, naturally I decided to have a view of the youtube video which has been circulated like wildfire.

But before watching the video, I wiki-ed this person, this war criminal known as Joseph Kony. And that's where I learned that Joseph Kony or Kony (as he is now being made famous for) is the head of the Lord's Resistance Army or the LRA which operates in Uganda and formed as early as 1987.

This LRA is a militant group which has syncretic Christian ideologies, with an intent to build a theocratic government based on the 10 commandments.

However, their methods are extreme and like every other despot or tyrant, it is all about how much power one holds. The LRA is known for the atrocities committed such as murder, abduction, mutilation, rape of children and women and most notably drafting children into the militia. Children as young as 4 I believe, training them to become killing machines.

Before this, I have only read of Taliban children children soldiers and that itself is a horrible thing. Children shouldn't be carrying guns, and the only guns that they should be carrying are those that emit light and sounds and not pellets and bullets.

The video that I post below, is an endeavour by an American NGO called Invisible Children to bring awareness to the globe at large. Awareness that only tools such as Facebook and Youtube can garner. Usually, people would only be made aware of issues such as these from Time or Newsweek.

But the media landscape is changing and the media is now a very powerful tool, more powerful than ever. And perhaps it is with the hope of this awareness, that we may see a tyrant who is currently number one in the indictment list of the ICC (International Criminal Court), once and for all be brought to justice.

I won't blog much about this, but as stated in an article posted by my friend, Simon, Kony may not be the last, but at least its a start, for lay people like me, to be aware that as we live our lives in blissful slumber, there are others out there who are suffering under tyranny.

And this is how I lend my support, to spread the awareness all around. The video speaks volumes for itself, more than what i could ever write.

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