Monday, August 20, 2012

Gangnam Style goes to Gotham

You know, sometimes there are music videos that you really love to hate? That kind that is so bad that it becomes so good? That was what Rebecca Black's video did. That went viral. And that song became the Thank God It's Friday anthem. Catchy and lyrically stupid. But who cares? The sillier the better right?

This year, the video it's the Oppa! Gangnam Style video that's viral. So bad that it;s good? Not really. I think this is actually really good! 
Humour, parodied events and good looking ladies aplenty, what's there not to like about this video? Muahaha.
Never knew who PSY was, but he was quite a famous rapper and character in South Korea. I wonder how I missed that during my 10 days in Korea. Then again, though I like some Korean girl bands, I didn't really caught on with the K-pop rave. 

Anyway, I like this video a lot cause it doesn't take itself too seriously. So, enjoy it while the waves are riding high. :)

So riding on the Dark Knight Rises wave, there is still buzz with the Bat. And While I was searching in youtube for the video above, this was what I found instead. 

I gotta say, there are many Gangnam and Batman parody videos. But this is probably one of the better ones (together with the Call Me Maybe video starring Batman) 

Haha, it's about time the Asian wave hit the global market. You know you made it big when people start parodying your stuff. Yes. Even Rebecca Black was big. 

At one point in time :)

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