Sunday, August 26, 2012

Homegrown talent Part 3 - Kendrick K

I wrote a post on Malaysian homegrown talent not too long ago. It was a series of two posts. 

Time and time again, we find that musical talent in Malaysia is simply abundant. 

Unfortunately, I'm really not too sure why the local music scene is not as thriving compared to other countries, even Asian ones like Korea (Gangnam style for example).

Maybe that's cause we are all feeding on the mass mainstream market; people like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyruses to name a few.

Because of that, it's really encouraging news to know that once in a while, a Malaysian creates more than ripples in the music industry. 

Yuna did it. We Malaysians were thoroughly excited when we saw her performance on Conan O' Brien. Even Rihanna tweets about her. Then of course there is also Zee Avi. 

More Malaysian talent on the way to bigger things perhaps. I'm always a supporter of local Malaysian music :) Or at least the music that I'm interested in. 

So there, I introduce a new, up and coming talent. 

Kendrick Koh. He is a friend and a fellow church member. 

His influences are mostly John Mayer, Jason Mraz (though I often tell him that there is more to life out there besides the two J's) and very much into fingerstyle guitar playing and some other Indie stuff. I never knew those methods were called fingerstyle playing (Always thought it was just normal plucking! AHAHA). Then again, I'm a noob at the guitar.

So here's two videos, covers of Indie favourites Foster the People and MGMT (I'm not sure if MGMT is defined as indie though, but what the hell).

The videos are nicely done, with the curtains blowing from the wind and all the dramatics. Heheh. So, Enjoy.

Kids - MGMT

 Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People 

Hey, I don't get paid for promoting Malaysian music. But if there is talent and it's worth sharing, I'm all for it :)

And if you want more, below is the album trailer for the upcoming Tempered Mental album. Exciting stuff!

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