Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Future of Forrestry - A musical experience

Joo Na linked us up with this band that she happened to stumbled upon.
It's called Future of Forrestry.
When I saw their music, a rehearsal of sorts, I thought it was like...WOW....3 bandmates, but multiple instruments. Talk about multi talented.
And i happened to chance upon Wikipedia that furthers informs me that they are a Christian band, or a band of Christians, however you want to put it.
But Christian or not, their music, was rich in layers, sounded very much like it belonged to the post rock genre, but its the incredible change of playing the musical instruments which got me interested.
Oh yeah, and the front man is Chinese! WOoo Hoo... one up for the CHiNKS!
So i now post 2 of the youtube clips which Joo Na linked us.
Wonderful stuff. Now, to try to get my hands on their music proper.
I might like Post-Rock afterall...

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