Thursday, March 3, 2011

Men should never scratch in front of open windows...

Came back from another round of futsal.
I should be sleeping soon but i can't. Least not for the moment, cause I sure ain't sleeping with wet hair. :)

Anyway, heard this piece of news on FLY FM. It was reported in the Star as well.
Now as I can recall, a man, after taking his shower, was drying himself up. In the process of course, he was scratching his neither regions. Nothing uncommon.
However, a lady, or more aptly, said man's neighbour happened to be doing her laundry and was hanging her clothes along the corridor of her home.
Now,she happens to see said man scratching his crotch, next thing you know, said man is Court for a charge of sexual harassment or mental distress. Not sure which.
But said man was then fined, for scratching his privates.Charged and fined. Right.

Now, if the roles were reversed, and the woman was taking her shower and she felt an itch and decided to scratch her, well, neither regions, and the man was hanging his clothes by the corridor and happens to see her....WHAM....said man would definitely be charged for sexual harassment and would be branded a peeping Tom.
Haha...such is the irony of the situation that perhaps laws or justice is gender biased?
I don't know...but i suppose the noun Peeping Tom was concocted for a reason and not Peeping Tammy.
Oh well, just my thoughts. I find it rather ironic that justice is dished out to the man no matter what the situation was. I mean if the guy was a flasher and he was really flashing and causing mental distress or a sudden apprehension of fear towards the woman, then yes, he probably deserves it. But what if he was genuinely feeling itchy and had to satisfy the said wrong place, wrong time?
Well one thing is for sure, Men....never scratch in front of open windows.

Ok. Going to bed now

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