Monday, March 14, 2011

Pray for Japan, please

In recent months, we have heard or read the news of earthquakes and devastation.
Amongst the most notable was the Christchurch earthquake which sent the Canterbury region into a frenzy and panic. I remember trying to get in touch with a friend in New Zealand just to know if she is ok from the wake of the earthquake, though, my friend being in Wellington was not affected. The death toll as reported in Wikipedia was an estimate of 166 fatalities. I suppose many thought the 6.3 magnitude earthquake was this years major disaster.
No one was prepared for the Japan earthquake.

On March 11, the Japan earthquake struck. A staggering 8.9 magnitude earthquake (some reports state 9.0) occurred of the coast of Sendai, triggering tremors, aftershocks and consequently, a major tsunami which caused, perhaps the most of its destruction.
The earthquake was preceded by some earthquakes (which started on 9 March 2011) or as they term it foreshocks which have alerted the Japanese to prepare themselves for the mainshock. The alert could have possible saved more lives as precautions were taken.
However, whatever precautions taken were no match for the disaster caused by the mainshock much later. Waves of up to 10m (the highest recorded) destroyed the entire coastline and even reached up to 10km mainland from shore. Nothing could have prevented this and no human endeavour would be able to match the destructive force of the tsunami. This is something unimaginable and upon watching the videos and reading the news, it brings to mind The Day After Tomorrow,a disaster movie which in my opinion which really scared me, watching the destruction mother nature brought forth upon the world. But all this at the very real.
At the moment of writing, the death toll has reached up to an estimate of 2414 fatalities and more predicted to be recorded up to 10,000++. The threat of nuclear and radiation is also expected, which the damage of the nuclear plants, such as that in Fukushima. It could only be worse.

Despite the destruction however, it I'm glad to read that the Japanese are handling the situation in a controlled manner, which shows the resilience of this nation. Something which the world should take note of, our country in particular. Japan has risen from many natural disasters and post war events, which have made them stronger than before. Japan will indeed prevail from this.
Even as we extend our prayers for this nation, sometimes, i do feel a sense of hopelessness of what has happened. Vicariously we can only watch the people in Japan suffer and going through these dark times. But I suppose as a nation, we should continue to extend our thoughts and prayers to Japan and pray that He will do his work, whatever and however it is, on the island of Japan and for it's people.
And I hope readers of this blog, wherever you may be, pray for this nation.

And if there's any active cause or aid, I would urge you to participate in it.I do not know if there is any, but I will be on a look out to see if there is anything that I can do to help.

And also i will will share this video, something I found on Youtube, as a reminder of mother nature's forces, not because I like it, but to paint a very real scenario of the things that are happening. We may be safe in our country, but we should never let our guard down. As many have pointed out, that the end times are near, whether it may come sooner or not, I do not know. But I do know that if there is something of a difference that we can make, then we can make it now.
Please extend your thoughts and prayers for Japan.

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